Who we are: nice to meet you

Vitamin C" – invites you to a unique, diverse, unifying and empowering experience with our ODT (Out Door Training) educational programs and equipment.

The activities are structured to foster teamwork and leadership, generating group cohesion through fun activities. The group, as a unit, experiences success, and achieve personal and team triumph.

We are Tamar and Israel Yokel, the founders of "Vitamin C".

When we founded "Vitamin C" in 2007, we knew its exact strength. As entrepreneurs with many years of experience in education and training, who know the field deeply, together with the needs and desires, we could create accurate integrated activities for numerous and diverse clientele – in a wide age range and for every purpose. All this while obtaining the best results educationally and personally for the activity participants.

The name "Vitamin C" came into being after a lot of thought, and it expresses our professional ability to bring people to personal and group peaks, thanks to the right planning of an event or activity, with a fertile ground, which enables creating good team dynamics and achieving goals. With our help, the group maximize the potential of the individuals in the group, in order to achieve the optimal group achievements – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

During the years of "Vitamin C”’s existence, hundreds of activities have taken place in formal and in informal educational institutions around the country. We are experts in working with schools, educators, employees, the army, different leadership programs, community centers, workplaces and organizations.

"Vitamin C" – everywhere, with professionalism and with pleasure

"Vitamin C" offers workshops and experiential and challenging activities in the fields of education-society-values through outdoor training (ODT) and common discourse, which encourage group work, integrated with an enjoyable educational experience. With challenging facilities, we create a group dynamic by using the “Set-Go” method we developed in order to empower the individual and the team. The "Vitamin C" activities are principled and enjoyable, creates a connection and interaction between the participants, and integrate experience, challenge, and values.

The activities take place in different parts of the country according to the customer choice, or at the challenging park built by "Vitamin C" in Yeruham.

The journey to Yeruham: the Negev awaits

In the summer of 2014, we decided to move from Peduel in Samaria to the city of Yeruham, out of Zionism and love of the community that lives there. We opened another branch of "Vitamin C" in the Negev out of ideology and a choice to change and promote the area.

Tamar Yokel is an architect, personal and business coach and a certified group moderator (Lewinsky College), founder and moderator of the “Segula” groups – business-training groups for entrepreneurial women. Israel Yokel, an educator in every bone of his body, a school principal with an MA in education. A district counselor on behalf of the Ministry of Education in the south of Israel.

In April 2014, we founded the educational challenge center in Yeruham Park, which performs as a touristic anchor, provides services of diverse high quality content, and constitutes a center for the empowerment of groups and individuals from all over the country.

The vision is alive and breathing

"Vitamin C" acts toward endowing social and moral values and utilizing the personal potential of the individual and the group to its fullest in order to empower them and bring them to personal and group peaks. Through the activities of "Vitamin C”, you will be able to receive tools to deal with challenges, which will enable growth and achievement of significant goals, for the individuals as well as for groups of different ages and diverse characteristics. "Vitamin C" endows its values among children, youth from Israel and overseas, soldiers, young people in different frameworks, teaching staff and work teams from companies and organizations.

“Set-Go” – an innovative and pioneering method

“Set-Go” is an innovative method, which was developed by "Vitamin C" in light of the accumulating experience and following hundreds of activities. Through this method, we can achieve team building through achievement of goals, while meeting deadlines according to record tables made especially for this purpose. The tables contain goals and objectives for the team together with times. The tables help raise motivation, recruit willpower and create an experience of success.

“Set-Go” is in fact a method, which creates motivation, recruits the strength of the team out of respect, leadership and a wish to obtain the goals, by playing with fun and enthusiasm. In this manner, you can achieve the desired results and even excel. The system builds confidence, support and challenge in the team.

Set = mark the direction and goals to which you aspire in a positive, precise and clear manner, while building a feeling of success.

Go = the motivation, a challenging way, which recruits the willpower of the team and creates an opportunity to achieve the goals. It builds a feeling of capability and empowerment in the team.

The method is based on believing in abilities and realizing the potential, by turning the task into a challenge and a game. This way, abilities and strengths are realized, and confidence and success are created. The utilization of this method during the activity recruits everyone to participate in the activity and adds motivation to the success, which later influences his or her future mutual work.

We invite you to join us in a valuable experiential journey in the magical Negev. A journey that will provide you with lots of satisfaction and empowerment.

Best regards,
Tamar and Israel Yokel
Founders of "Vitamin C"






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